Mārtiņš Puķītis, CEO

Mārtiņš P.

CEO, Full-Stack Developer

If there's oppertunity, then we'll meet!

Raivo, IT Specialist

Raivo Š.

Full-Stack Developer, IT Specialist

If your project has bug or it's hackable, he will be first to announce that!

Chriss, Content Creator

Chriss W.S.

Content Creator

If we speak about content, Chris is the guy!

Senid, Designer

Senid A.


Senid see and feel things like no other designer!

Aleksandrs, Software Engineer

Aleksandrs Z.

Software Engineer

Senior software developer - there is no need to explain..

Mārtiņš, Mobile App Developer

Mārtiņš K.

Mobile App Developer (Android/iOS)

Detail - it's all about detail - Martins

Krišjānis, Mobile App Developer

Krišjānis S.

Mobile App Developer (Android/iOS)

Krisjanis has built things other only dream of!

Reinis, Mobile App Developer

Reinis T.

IT ninja/Servers

This guy can solo operate Latvia's data centre if you give him the access

About Us

MartinIP Studios offers full-service website development, helping you to turn your ideas and sketches into a fully functioning website. Whether your goal is a single page with information about your small business, a portfolio featuring the best of your collected works, or a thriving online shop, we are able to create a website tailored to your specifications.

Our Main Fields of Work

  • Website Development
  • Design Development
  • SEO Optimization
  • Ad Campaigns
  • IT Question Solving
  • Software Development
  • Hosting Services
  • System Development
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